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With A Personalized Approach.

In-home, Outpatient, Virtual, and Community-based Therapeutic Solutions
Getting Started

Welcome to Roots

Roots is an interdisciplinary specialty clinic which provides “bottom-up” therapy and treatment. We believe that in order to find healing and maximize growth and development, the root of any issue must be identified and resolved – while many clinics and treatment approaches can offer “band-aid” therapy by treating symptoms and what is evident on the surface, we believe that getting to the core issue is what brings about lasting healing and change.

We Provide Treatment Services For:

Emotional Dysregulation

Anxiety & Depression
Trauma Disorders
Anger & Behavioral Dysfunction

Social Complexities

Autism Spectrum Disorders
Social Skills Challenges
Peer Engagement

Relational Needs

Attachment Disorders
Family System Difficulties
Grief & Loss

Developmental Delays & Differences

Feeding Challenges
Executive Function Deficits
Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders

Communication Challenges

Articulation Difficulties
Speech Apraxia, Dyspraxia & Dysarthria
Expressive/Receptive Language Challenges
Myofunctional Disorders

Occupational Functionality

Sensory Processing Difficulties
Visual, Oral, Gross, and Fine Motor Deficits
Reflex Integration
Coordination & Strength Challenges

Healing Stories