Brianna Rashid

Positive Behavior Specialist

Brianna is a positive behavior specialist who is currently finishing her clinical degree at Grand Valley State University with a specialization in trauma. She currently offers various social-emotional skills training groups at Roots! Brianna has extensive experience working with foster care children, as well as with nonprofit and community resource centers providing support and mentorship to children and adolescents in various communities in Grand Rapids. She has experience working as a positive behavior intervention specialist in the school setting, partnering with school psychologists and social workers to provide social-emotional skills development and behavioral support to elementary-aged children.
Ever since she was young, Brianna remembers her family helping others in need, and she continues to volunteer with various organizations, including United in Christ Ministries, in her spare time. Brianna’s passion is to offer guidance and support to children and families, and to help them heal, grow, and find their purpose so that they may go on to help others!

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