Classes, Workshops, and Events

We host a variety of classes, workshops, and events each year! Whether parenting education and support classes for parents with children with various emotional and behavioral dysregulation needs, themed children’s events targeting social-emotional growth and executive-functioning skills development, or topic-specific educational courses, we’re confident we have something to offer for everyone!

Make sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on when these classes and events are being held, and for registration information.

Ongoing Activities

A Night at Hogwarts

An annual Harry-Potter themed children’s event targeting social-emotional skills growth, fine motor and gross motor development, and executive-functioning skills practice. Your child will be sure to make lasting friendships while feeling the magic of the wizarding world!

Apples and Maples

Did you know that apple trees have deep taproots and maple trees have thick heart roots? These strong, deep roots allow them to dig down deep for water and nourishment, and then grow and blossom into beautiful, mighty trees with sweet fruits and syrups! We believe children need the same foundation to grow – our brains learn best through experiences with others, so we know the importance of children building friendships from a young age!

This social skills development group is perfect for children who struggle with social engagement for a variety of reasons – anxiety, autism, and other social skills deficits can make it difficult for your child to engage with other peers. This ongoing class will allow your child to build and maintain friendships and healthy peer interactions within the comfort of a small group setting!

Writing with Roots

A pen-pal program that we launched during the COVID-19 pandemic has allowed children and families to connect with other families both locally and around the country! Practice great skills like writing and drawing, planning and organizing, and social-emotional engagement in a new and exciting way!

Parent Night

We offer several educational courses throughout the year on various topics – emotional de-escalation, behavior management, understanding the brain, trauma, attachment, and so many others! Learn strategies and techniques while connecting with other parents with similar experiences. Follow us on social media for specific event details as they become available throughout the year.