Kristen Breimayer,

Occupational Therapist

  • Trained in MNRI
  • Trained in sensory integration
  • Trained in DIR/Floortime

Kristen has long seen the benefits of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and the value of interdisciplinary treatment. From a young age, Kristen has been fascinated by the body, its ability to heal itself, and the work that practitioners can do to promote and encourage that healing process. Seeing the detrimental impact of physical injuries and illnesses on family members’ physical and mental health as a child, and watching the process of physical healing lead not only to improved physical functioning but also to improved mental health, stirred a desire within Kristen to help others experience holistic and comprehensive healing and treatment as well.

Throughout her clinical practice and training, Kristen has developed an expert approach in understanding and treating the brain-body connection. She has specialized training in sensory integration, DIR/FloorTime, body and posture mechanics, and neuro-sensorimotor reflex integration techniques. Kristen has over twenty years of experience as an occupational therapist working with patients with sensory processing disorders, ocular, motor, and visual motor challenges, developmental coordination disorders, anxiety, trauma, autism, ADHD, genetic disorders including Trisomy 21, developmental delays and differences, and learning and intellectual delays or differences. Her passion is to help patients experience health and healing in order to reach their fullest potential!

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