Nicole Brummel

Clinical Therapy Intern

  • Trained in Empowered to Connect
Nicole is currently a graduate student pursuing a degree in counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. She completed her undergraduate degree in sociology at Calvin University. She has spent many years working with children, having raised her own, and through long-term involvement overseeing children’s programs at Covenant Life Church in Grand Haven. Her role as a preschool coach, in which she ensured positive experiences for teachers and children, was the impetus for her eventual pursuit of a counseling degree. It was in this role that she discovered a passion for working with children, particularly those with difficulty adjusting to the classroom experience. Nicole has spent several years mentoring children through Kids’ Hope and has discovered her gifts in relating to them.
Nicole also volunteers as a client advocate at her local pregnancy center, where she meets with women facing unplanned pregnancies and provides support and encouragement, as well as childbirth and parenting education. Nicole is passionate about helping individuals and families break the cycles of trauma. She has seen firsthand the developmental effects of trauma and their impact on family systems and has spent much of her personal time and energy further researching and learning about trauma and its impact on individuals. She hopes to continue developing her knowledge and skills as she works with children and families in her role as a clinical therapist.

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